Friday, June 5, 2009

With Intimidation and Extortion for All...

The legal system is not about justice. Nope. The legal system is not designed to find truth, punish crime or compensate victims of said crime. It is designed for expediency - to roll citizens caught up in this corruption line right on through and to make a buck off of those who make the mistake of assuming that the best interest of honest citizens are what this system is designed to protect.

Those who foolishly attempt to pursue justice only ever end up losing their shirt in their pre-game "ante", usually four figures, which they will never, ever recoup. And to "the house" ("the man" - as represented by those who are supposed to stand for the good stuff, but are nothing better than mobsters with college degrees and the privilege of access to the means to abuse the system), they and we lose the rest of our worldly goods, emotional health, or spiritual faith.

I'm not talking about ambulance chasers and trigger happy cops. Those creeps, too, have earned an irreversible fate in the darkest pits of hell, to whose fires I only wish I could add daily kindling. I'm talking about the ones - cops and lawyers alike, who cannot be bothered with small matters like innocence and stuff.

I'm talking about the @#$holes who would arrest a person for doing something (like, oh, falling asleep in his car on public property - but late into the night - yeah - midnight is the hour of sin alright! - not - ) and chumping up an ex post facto charge of trespassing by drawing up an order not to "trespass" AFTER taking said poor slob into custody for violating the order that did not exist.

I'm talking about the D.A. who, when told by said poor slob that one officer who had found said same drowsy shlub before in the same circumstance that, although he thought it quite weird, that I (oooppss....I mean he!...yeah - he!) wasn't technically doing anything wrong! - couldn't give a damn.

I'm talking about this emibittered public servant to no-one who replied to said righteous and legitimate declaration of innocence, in exact words "but I didn't do anything wrong!" - by himself saying "that doesn't matter".

"I didn't commit any crime!"

"That doesn't matter."

Oh - I could have PAID for the "privilege" of proclaiming my innocence in court - I could have tried to cash the check that so many veterans have or say they have paid for with their service and their limbs and their lives - by myself utilizing a fellow member of said Bar who works on the other side of the courtroom, at a cost of four-figures - to start!

But then, no, I couldn't have. I'm not rich enough for justice. I cannot afford to buy what I thought was promised us all by the Constitution.

Silly me. I guess my only hope is that change will trickle down. That may very well happen. But it shouldn't take an act of congress or a presidential order for local government and courts to do what's right and serve the citizens who comply with their community's standards and at LEAST their own higher morals - and who ALREADY pay said "public servants'" salaries.

And it shouldn't take financial resources that only a privileged or lucky few can ever access. That is NOT what I was taught in Kindergarten or Sunday School or civics class. And it is not what our forebearers EVER had intended.

No, this is not p/ing and moaning. Evil thrives when good folks do nothing. Officer Christopher O'Sullivan - D.A. Timothy Cruz - I'm talkin' to YOU!

I may not have the portly checkbook. But I sure as hell have a very sharpened quill and I know damned well how to use it.

And I shall.

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