Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome, Citizen Activists

Hello, and welcome to my first blog. My name is Stanley W. Shura, and my aim here is to provide (and have) a forum in which to network and discuss how individual citizens, and those citizens united, can work against the abuses of the law and legal system by those people who subvert the system they are supposed to protect, who take it upon themselves to interpret the law with bias and extreme prejudice, and who give a bad name to their colleagues, and the good service most of them do diligently everyday.

Now let me explain what this forum will NOT be. This is not the place for guilty folks. I am not interested in hearing baseless rants against "pigs" and "shysters" who wouldn't cut you a break. This is not a place for disreputable people to piss and moan about "da man". Let me handle that! ;)

What I wish and hope to accomplish is to empower citizens who have found that they do not have the access to their rights that the constitution promises. I wish to hear from folks who have had to settle for less than fair, especially because they could not afford to pay a lawyer to speak for them what we as citizens should be allowed to AND ASSISTED IN OUR FREE EXERCISE to do for ourselves.

I hope to hear from folks who have learned, either through diligent "lay study", an expensive 4 or more years of post-high school education, or through the very rough and hard knocks of first-hand experience, how to navigate the legal system and its various components - IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE.

I will not humor criminals. I am interested in concerned citizens who are willing to take responsibility for their own civil liberties, and who can and will be empathetic to others trying to do the same.