Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I don't get about this whole mess is that apparently, the laws that tell we private citizens how we must behave, guarantee us NO access to the due process which is the ONLY benefit that comes from our compliance with said system.

In other words, if the law doesn't protect my rights, then why the hell am I accountable to *IT*??? Why should I obey the law of the land, when those in power decide that it's not rule of law, but rule of man, that'll direct our course? Why should I obey the laws that don't speak up for or protect me?

The answer is, I should not. Not unless changes are made, not to the laws on the books, but to the practice and reverence of said law out on the streets. If the bullies in blue, such as one Christopher O'Sullivan or Sergeant Anne Holland, both of the Massasoit Community College Police Department do not have to respect the law, and hence my rights - then I owe THEM no respect or obedience either.

If you're not representing and supporting the rule of LAW, you two thugs, then you invalidate and surrender any authority to enforce it.

Comply with the constitution, and simple basic decency, or kiss my ass.

It's that simple.

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