Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addendum to My Ex Post Facto Piece, and an Embarrassed Apology to D.A Timothy Cruz

This piece is going to be short and sweet. In my longest article to date on AC, "Extortion, Ex Post Facto..." et cetera, I described a disgustingly corrupt incident - an example of police incompetence and defying of the United States Constitution. Read the piece for more details.

Unfortunately, I got one of the details pretty damned wrong. I implicated D.A. Timothy Cruz as the guy who bullied me at what I have recently learned was an actual arraignment session. I figured, he's trying to get me to say I'm guilty and just take his offer of a humiliating little slap, and I'm on the other side of the table where, if I could have afforded it, I'd have had a defense attorney with me.

Thus, I assumed, that the guy on the *OTHER* side of the table must be the prosecuting attorney - or D.A. . Oh, the Plymouth County District Attorney *IS* one Mr. Timothy Cruz, but D.A. Cruz was NOT the guy on the other side of that table, who behaved criminally and callously and yes, very much like a mobster. He treated me like shit.

I got mad. So I decided I'd get justice with the "pen" if I couldn't get it through the due process I now know is not as available to American citizens as I thought.

That scumbag took advantage of a scared and neurologically disabled guy with decent word skills, but AWFUL pragmatic, social and "common sense" capabilities. As such, justice was kicked in the nuts.

And then I kicked Mr. Cruz in the nuts, figuratively. And that was completely unfair. This is not an act of self-preservation, as I now know that Mr. Cruz is and will be in no way directly linked to my continuing conflict with Massasoit or the personnel at Brockton District Court, where this despicable miscarriage of and arrogant winking at justice continues.

I am not about to answer an injustice with an injustice. Well - not when I know better.

I now know better, and it is my moral obligation, and for my own conscience's self-preservation and that of my eternal soul (if indeed there is anything after the last blackness), to apologize publically and sincerely to Mr. Cruz in the same venue I maligned him. After seeing a page 2 picture in the Patriot Ledger of D.A. Cruz with a bundle of microphones in his face (about a kidnapping case in Hanover), I got up, vomitted, washed my face, and got on here. THAT is NOT the guy who mistreated me. CRUZ did not do the things I said he did.

There is much, OH SO much more to say about this situation - and I am about to embark on yet another strategy, with a "little" more teeth, in my efforts to restore my rightful justice. But - I cannot let myself conclude this piece with an "I'm sorry, buuuuttt......". So, to O'Sullivan, Holland, and that grunt prosecutor who extorted me and enjoyed it, fair warning: I'm still coming.

And to Mr. Cruz: I am sorry.